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How to Join!

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You are invited to explore Greece Cohousing Community and become a part of this exciting new community way of living – where neighbors become friends.


Step 1 - Learn About Us and Cohousing.  Visit our website to find out more.  

Subscribe to our e-newsletter on our website for timely updates and invites to events.

Like us on Facebook at Greece Cohousing.

Learn more about cohousing at the Cohousing Association website at


Attend an upcoming on-line presentation or land tour. See this website for more details.


Step 2 - Become an Explorer. This is a wonderful opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Greece Cohousing Community and decide first-hand if it’s a good fit for you. Simply pay the $250 Explorer Fee and use the next three months to learn about the community.


Get to know us, ask questions, visit with members, and attend our meetings, socials, and events.


When you become an Explorer, we will schedule an Orientation Meeting with you where you can learn about the details of our development.


We’ll pair you with a “buddy” to help you navigate the process, answer your questions, and connect you with the community.


Join us for our General Meetings, social gatherings and other events.


To become an Explorer, complete an Explorer Agreement (available on our website) and pay the non-refundable Explorer Fee of $250. See the Agreement form for directions.


Step 3 - Become a Member and Secure Your Home. Before applying to become a Member of Greece Cohousing Community, you will need to be an Explorer for a minimum of 1 month (maximum of 3 months), attend an Explorer Orientation, and attend at least one General Meeting. We also encourage you to have taken the time to get to know members, ask questions and attend a social gathering.


Let us know when you are ready to become a Member of Greece Cohousing Community and we will walk you through the steps to become a Member and reserve your home. We look forward to welcoming you to Greece Cohousing Community!

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