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Greece Cohousing Community

Join us this Sunday, October 3, at 1:30MST for a zoom meeting.  We will discuss changes to the Greek immigration system, and ways to beat the increasing cost of the golden visa.  All are welcome!


Watch the bike ride to Armenoi!

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Center of the Village of Armenoi

What is Cohousing?


"Cohousing" refers to a residential community in which knowing your neighbors is the foremost consideration.  We live in houses that are close to each other, and that exist in in an old and established Cretan village.  A perfect example is the village of Armenoi, about 20 minutes from Chania.  All units will be individually owned.  There may be no land or facility owned in common.  "Greece Cohousing Community" is not a development business; it neither collects nor disburses money.  (We will never ask you for a $300 "explorer" fee.)  Our group acts simply as a means of coordinating the purchasing strategies of the members.  After moving in, the group will meet together for frequent meals and social events, and for language learning.  We are totally democratic; there is no one person calling the shots.  There is a strong emphasis on environmental sensitivity, and to living lightly on the land.  The Greece Cohousing Community is now in the planning phase, and individuals and families are encouraged to join us.  All nationalities are welcome!  Όλοι είναι ευπρόσδεκτοι να συμμετάσχουν στην ομάδα!

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